My name is Danielle Clark and I became a vegetarian at the tender age of 11. As an animal lover, my mom says that a tipping point in my decision was on a trip to the deli when the butcher emerged from the backroom with animal blood all over his white apron. What made it official was when my family attended a pig roast. Pigs, of course, were my favorite animal and after traumatically witnessing the roasting carcass, I knew I’d never eat meat again in my life. Ever since that day, I have stayed committed to my decision and have never looked back.

My family, all being meat eaters, did not understand my desire to become a vegetarian, assumed it was just a “stage” and forced me to eat meat anyway. However, once they realized I was serious about it, they supported my decision.

Although those experiences were important factors in my becoming a vegetarian, they only strengthened my desire. From a very young age, I knew I did not like the taste of meat or the idea of eating animals. This blog will share my experience of going vegetarian and how far I have come since my initial switch. I will share my stories, recipes and suggestions for other vegetarians and vegetarian bloggers.


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